Steps Of Building The Best Indoor Cannabis Grow Box At Home

14 Jul

Cannabis is herb used for medicinal purposes like treating sleeping problems. However, in high quantities, it has side effects mostly to the brain. Due to these effects, it is mostly abused and it is a strong drug that gets many people addicted. If used well and with the right quantities, it is helpful to the body. It helps reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy and reduce chronic pain for people with cancer. And it increases appetite for people living with HIV/AIDS. However, different states have banned the use of cannabis while others have allowed. If your state allows and you intend to use it for the right reasons, there are some guides you can use to build cannabis grow room at home. Here are the steps for building the best Grobo indoor cannabis grow box at home.

Choose a good medium for growing your plants. You can either use soil or hydroponic systems but hydroponic systems are expensive but if you can buy, they tend to occupy less space. Then select a space where you are going to keep your plants. This decision will be influenced by how many plants you want to grow. Fewer plants can be grown in a little space but many will require a wide space. The space you choose should be light proof and with the right ventilation.

Prepare the walls of you to grow space with light reflective materials. The cannabis plant requires a lot of light to grow well, and a light reflecting wall will help you concentrate much light to the plants. Ensure there is an extensive lighting system in your grow box by installing as many bulbs as possible. Keep your light 8 to 31 inches away from the plants to allow air circulation.

Prepare proper ventilation in your grow box to prevent the growth of moulds and weeds among your crops. You can keep fans inside the growing room to regulate the temperature for the crops or else they won't grow well with too much heat especially from the bulbs. The cannabis plant also has a very strong scent and you can use carbon filters to minimize it.

You will also need to control the climate inside the grow room. You need to control the amount of humidity, the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide according to the temperature of your area. You can place humidifiers inside the grow room but you will have to clean it regularly as they are breeding areas for pathogens. Check this link:

After installing the lights and controlling the temperatures it is time to place your plants. You can raise the plants an inch higher to allow airflow and prevent contamination of the plants by keeping the room clean.

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